TY HEALEY  b.1995  

Based in Philadelphia

E: thealeyphoto@gmail.com

C: +781 799 4477


BFA Photography, 2018 - Lesley University's College of Art and Design


2021 - 2021 : Operations Manager, FLXST Contemporary, Chicago.

2019 - 2021 : Lab Assistant, LATITUDE, Chicago.

2019 - 2020 : Instructor, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago.

2015 - 2019: Studio Manager - Henry Horenstein

2017 - 2018: Academic Computing, Special Operations. Lesley University

2015 - 2018: Assistant Lab Technician. Lesley University

2017: Teaching Assistant to Brian Unwin - Large Format/Advanced Darkroom

2016: Teaching Assistant to Tommy Matthews - Photo Lab I

2016: Teaching Assistant to Jessica Somers - Intro to Alternative Processes


2018: Department Award: Excellence in Photography, Lesley University


2020: Looking at You, Looking at Me, Space Place. Nizhny Tagil, Russia


2020: The Young and the Restless, FLXTS Contemporary. Chicago, IL.

2020: Hands, Re-direct Gallery, Online

2019: Blue Arrangements

2019: Camera Work, Nomadic Bookshelf. Cleveland, OH.

2018: Object Space Gallery. Spokane, WA

2018: From Here On Out: BFA Exhibition, Roberts Gallery, Cambridge. MA

2018: enGENDERed, Roberts and Raizes Gallery. Cambridge, MA.

2017: Out of the Dark, Gallery South. Cambridge, MA.

2017: Undergrad Photography Now VI, Griffin Museum. Winchester, MA.

2016: Value(s), Gallery South, Cambridge, MA. Curated by Stephen Tourlentes

2016: BFA Photo Pop Up Show, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA.

2015: Artsy Autumn, ArcWorks, Peabody, MA. Curated by Erin Becker. 

2015: Reply, Gallery South, Cambridge, MA. Curated by Margot Anne Kelley.

2014: You've Got to Have Friends, ArcWorks Community Center, Peabody, MA.


2021: Boyz Nite, published by Blue Arrangements

2019: Musée Magazine

2019: Camera Work, Imprint Arts Collective

2019: The Heavy Collective

2018: Taking In

2017: Blacklist Magazine 

2017: Memory Full

2017: Taking In

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